Customized Programs

In-House Training Programs Assessment and Supervising OSH Management System Audit

As a fulfillment of a diverse customer's demand, we also have conducted various kinds of in-house training programs which designed and delivered specifically at the customer's site. In-house training program is very effective and beneficial, because developed systematically based on the Training Need Analysis and any problems that occur in the workplace.

With this experience, we always maintain quality in training service, so the main training purposes can be achieved perfectly. Besides from the titles of general training offered, in-house training program also allows customers to determine their own title, duration and training model which will be developed together systematically. Through the tailor-made training methods like this, customers can obtain their desired goals more easily.


Any competency gap and inappropriateness of employees in performing the work, could bring the declining of companies business performance and will also influence to  their business competitiveness. By doing a detailed evaluation of the employees competencies condition at this time, can help companies obtain a clear map of competencies as their steps in the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes of employees in all duties and responsibilities.

From these problem situations, Alkon has successfully developed a partnership with the customers in providing assessment services which giving an objective recommendations. Some of the competency assessment program has been done successfully in a number of main customers, both in oil and gas companies and other national private companies as well.

Besides the assessment services, we also provide many kinds of supervision services for special work in the customer's site. Some supervision jobs, such as for factory's overhaul, lifting operation, and also supervision for occupational safety and health projects, have been successfully satisfy our customers in improving their business performance.

As a company that has been designated and authorized by the government, Alkon also provide Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Management System audit service for companies in Indonesia. This is a mandatory program for companies that have met the requirements for assessing the management of the occupational safety and health implementation in the workplace.

Since becoming a mandatory program in 1996,  the implementation of the OSH Management System Audit conducted to ensure the safety and health of workers and others who are in the workplace, and also the production sources, production processes and working environment.

For the long term, this program aims to create a system of occupational safety and health in the workplace by involving the element of management, labor, working conditions and environment which are integrated in order to prevent and reduce accidents and occupational disease, as well as to creation of a workplace that is safe, efficient and productive.