Technical Skill and Development Programs

These training programs are designed to improve knowledge, skill and attitude for employees especially in technical field which had fulfilled the government standard, as an accreditation for appropriateness of manpower in industry. All the curriculums of our technical training had been designed systematically and practically, in accordance with the government regulations (Manpower Department, MIGAS and Mining Department of Indonesia Republic) and international standards as well, such as ASME/ANSI, DIN, JIS, British Standard, LOLER, Australian Standard, API, etc.

In general, our technical training programs divided into:

Teknik02A. Government Certification Programs:

  • Lifting Equipment (Cranes, Forklift, etc.) Operator Certification
  • Boiler Operator Certification Grade I and II
  • Heavy Equipment (Dump Truck, Ship Derrick, Excavator, Back-Hoe, Bulldozer, Loader, etc.) Operator Certification
  • Basic Rigging for Rigger
  • Basic Scaffolder
  • SMAW Welder Certification;etc.

B. Non-Government Certification Programs:

  • Lifting Operations:
    • Signalman / Banksman
    • Advance Rigging For Supervisor
    • Rigging Inspection & Testing
    • Lifting Equipment (Cranes, Forklift, etc.) Maintenance and/or Inspection & Testing
    • Heavy Equipment Safety Appreciation; etc.
  • Teknik01Energy Conversion Equipment:
    • Boiler Maintenance and/or Inspection & Testing
    • Pump & Compressor Maintenance
    • Boiler Maintenance; etc.
  • Building Construction:
    • Intermediate & Advance Scaffolder
    • Scaffolding For Supervisor
    • Scaffolding Inspection & Testing; etc.
  • Electric & Electronics:
    • Electric On Industry
    • Industrial Electronic & Digital Troubleshooting
    • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC); etc.
  • General Technical:
    • Machine Lubrication System
    • Rotating Equipment
    • Basic Mechanic
    • Piping for Pipe-Fitter; etc.