Quality Policy

PT. Alkon Trainindo Utama always gives full efforts to achieve and maintain the high standards of performance in each division which is supported by qualified resources, in order to provide excellent services in timely manner. This is intended as a guarantee to fulfill the needs and satisfaction of customers, stakeholders and employees.

PT. Alkon Trainindo Utama has committed to achieve the above targets through the implementation of Quality Management System of ISO-9001:2000 consistently, determine quality target of company and each work unit, and communicate them throughout the organization. So, there would be possible for management and all employees to make continual improvement toward quality management system of the company, and develop better relationship among internal party of the company and external party as well.

Surabaya, August 26th, 2008.

HM. Moerad Baso, Ph.D.

President Director


Occupational HSE Policy

PT. Alkon Trainindo Utama has committed that the Occupational Safety, Health and Environment is the responsibility of all employees and that the success of organization and company depends on personnel, property, operations and environmental protection. All employees must receive both individual and collective of this responsibility to achieve the goals and objectives of management.

In this regard, management by its policy does the following steps:

  • meets the government regulations & other requirements related to the occupational health, safety and environment.
  • ensure all employees comply to policies and procedures contained in the Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Management System.
  • develop Safety, Health  & Environmental Management System that is integrated in every company activities.
  • encourage and equip employees to be able to identify and evaluate hazards accurately and control it effectively.
  • prevent of occupational accidents, occupational disease, and environmental pollution.
  • doing continuous improvement of Occupational Safety, Health & Environmental Management System.

To achieve this all, commitment and active involvement and sincere of all employees, partners, and family is highly needed.

Surabaya, July 29th, 2009.

HM. Moerad Baso, Ph.D.

President Director