Today, the qualified human resources has become the company’s most valuable asset. The safety and health of them remains to be top priority of the company. In order to get their best performance, there are always many prob- lems that may arise when facing any business competition, as these have become the main concern in all industries.

A company may have to solve following problems:

  • accident risks and potential hazards at workplace;
  • employee competency gap and inappropriateness;
  • both corporate and employee performance declination;
  • problems in achieving of business targets;
  • and other problems related in management and human resources development.

PT. Alkon Trainindo Utama presents in Indonesia as a leading professional training provider and your best business partner in improving of human resources development.

Established in Surabaya – Indonesia in 1984, as active participation in development of industrial human resources
throughout the nation, we have held many industrial training programs which were designed and delivered in the basis of competency (Competency-Based Training Programs). This training system has more flexible, effective and efficient wayto be delivered, as well as faster, cheaper, and result-oriented program that complies with the needs and requirement of the company. We assure this competency based training will assist the companies and our customers in enhancing their workers performance and corporate competitiveness.

Hand in hand with professionals and reliable practitioners, we have built the best team that has delivered hundreds of training programs towards various industries for years, such as oil and gas companies, mining companies, BUMNs (state enterprises) and other various national private companies.

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